Our story

For as long as I can remember, I wanted to run my own business. Part of it was the allure of responsibility and independence. Part of it was the influence and support of my family. But the romanticized version of starting a business does not tell you about the stress of getting started, the difficulty of finding clients and customers, or how hard it is to figure out that one little thing.

Multiply was founded in early 2020 with a simple goal: make life easier for freelancers. In my early conversations with freelancers, I kept hearing that the most difficult part of being a freelancer was finding new clients, especially for new freelancers. So we built a simple job board that brought in relevant jobs from other freelance marketplaces, job boards, staffing companies and applicant tracking systems, and helped freelancers manage those prospects. But that was just the beginning.

As a solo founder trying to build Multiply, I remember wasting coutnless hours trying to figure something out and getting frustrated. So I started hiring from our amazing pool of freelancers and was blown away by their talent and drive. Now the mission came into focus - match our amazing freelancers with the millions of small businesses needing help growing their business. We’re creating a new way to hire freelancers and we’re just getting started.

I am thrilled that my childhood dream is coming to life helping freelancers and small businesses multiply and thrive!

Our talented team