We help freelancers find and manage their clients.

Multiply delivers relevant jobs from around the web to a single dashboard so you can stop searching for new clients, and spend more time with your clients.

Why Multiply Works

Save your valuable time
Stop endlessly searching
Never miss relevant potential clients
Find clients from different freelance sites

How Multiply Works

Multiply Searches multiple freelance sites

Multiply matches relevant jobs to your skills

Jobs are aggregated in an easy-to-use dashboard

Apply directly on the freelance site

Keep track of prospects and current clients in your dashboard

See Multiply in Action

Easily find and explore relevant projects

Leveraging Multiply’s unique matching engine, relevant projects are sourced just for you. We make it easy to search, filter and explore thousands of jobs based on your profile.

Maximize your chance of getting hired

Multiply makes it simple to manage your sales funnel by tracking the stage of each prospect and keeping notes on progress. Easily add prospects from other sources to keep all your prospects in one place.

Client relationship management made easy

Add new clients to your Client dashboard where it’s easy to stay organized and keep relevant information. Store your client’s contact info, high level legal and financial terms and the project summary. As you work with your clients, keep detailed notes and store relevant links in the resources section.

Who Should Use Multiply

Web &
Mobile Dev
IT Support
Data Science & Analytics
Admin Support
Customer service
Sales & Marketing
Finance & Accounting

Our Happy Freelancers

Elizabeth Martin

“After recently getting furloughed, I started freelancing to cover my bills. I had trouble finding new clients until I found Multiply. Multiply helped me find new clients from a few different sites that I never would have found on my own. ”

Brian Herrera
Product Manager

“Multiply keeps me organized so I can keep my clients organized. I love the tools to manage my prospects, keep track of where prospects are in my sales funnel and store my notes.”

Nicholas Lopez
Software Engineer

“ I’m not really a people person and finding new clients is tough for me. Now I don’t need to search multiple sites anymore when relevant jobs are matched to my profile and skills on Multiply.”